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How B5 Ensures Safety Through CDC COVID GuidelinesHow B5 Ensures Safety Through CDC COVID Guidelines

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How B5 Ensures Safety Through CDC COVID Guidelines

With COVID-19 we, like the rest of the world, are trying our best to find some sort of normalcy in the safest way possible. We realize the severity that is COVID-19 and the hesitation many are feeling upon joining a gym. Just like you, we have families we go home to at the end of the day, and maybe even some whom are at a higher risk, which is why we pride ourselves in adhering to CDC COVID guidelines. We aim to provide the safest environment for both our trainers and their clients. In order to create a safe space for all we are going above and beyond to offer that sense of “new” normalcy as fitness is vital to our well-being, especially now.

So what are we doing exactly to follow CDC policies?

  • We have installed a medical grade HEPA air filtration system that cleans the air every 30 minutes. With its dual air intake and 3 stage filters it can purify the air twice as effectively to eliminate 99.9% of particles from basic allergens such as pollen, dust, and mold to highly contagious viruses and even anthrax.
  • We have invested in a portable fogger with a hospital grade sanitizing solution. This machine allows us to thoroughly disinfect all of the machines and other equipment more effectively than just wiping down everything by hand alone.
  • As noted by CDC COVID guidelines, masks/face shields are required by all who enter the gym. Masks are there to protect the trainer and his/her client. In order to keep our system working at the safest capacity we ask that everyone abide by this policy.
  • It will come as no surprise that we also practice safe social distancing as it is crucial in ensuring everyone’s safety.
  • Lastly, we are allowing a max capacity of four trainers per hour in the studio. This is to ensure that everyone can maintain their distance while training. 

These methods provide a clean and safe environment for all. As a family owned business we value both our trainers and clients as well as their families and want to provide everyone the ability to stay healthy in all aspects during this time. We are all in this together.