workout variety

Let’s chat workout variety. When you think about your fitness routine are you a general enthusiast who tries a different workout every day or a stick-to-the-one-thing-you-love kind of person? It wouldn’t be a surprise if you choose the latter. It’s natural for us to find comfort in repetition especially doing something that’s mood boosting, like exercise. Whether it’s running, weight training, yoga, or swimming doing it daily is good but choosing a variety is even better. Here we will break down why variety is the spice of your workout.

Our bodies are incredibly smart, and they learn to adapt relatively quickly. So, in order to get stronger or improve your overall fitness you have to be able to challenge yourself. Once you begin to “settle” into a routine it’s important to recognize when adding heavier weights or working new muscle groups in a different way is needed. Both are effective ways to add workout variety.

If you work with a personal trainer, you may find it even easier to know when and how to switch things up since your trainer will structure your workouts based on keeping you challenged and avoiding the dreaded plateau, which we will discuss in more detail below.

So, what exactly is affected if you stick to the same routine for too long?


The downside of getting too comfy in your routine will mostly likely result in being bored. As much as we find enjoyment in repetition it can have also have the adverse effect by creating a less than enthusiastic experience. Repeating the same workout day after day, and lacking any workout variety, will lead to a major loss of motivation. Ultimately, those who lack motivation tend to give up whatever workout regimen they’re doing.


Remember that thing called a plateau? Well, if you’re consistently working out every day but not seeing progress, then you most likely have hit a plateau. This occurs when your body adapts to doing the same workout repeatedly. When this happens, you’ll stop seeing results and/or an increase in strength, weight loss, or physical changes, depending on your goals. In order to achieve continued results, you’ll have to change things up.


When you do the same workout every day, you’re working the same muscle groups. While you may not have any trouble with that in the short term, over time you could develop muscle imbalances. This happens when you use one muscle or muscle group too much in comparison with others and lack enough workout variety. It’s important to choose exercises that work all muscle groups to ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for injury down the road.

So, how much variety do you have in your workout routine? Unsure of where to start? Contact us and let our personal trainers help you make variety the spice of your workout!