Out With The Old And In With Your New Years Health Resolutions

Out with the old and in with new is a pretty common mindset as we approach the end of a year…especially if it’s 2020. While we ready our lists of ‘to-do’s’ for 2021 a big question many of us are asking is, “How do I accomplish my resolutions during a pandemic?”. 

It’s no small feat to want to eat healthier, exercise more, save money, or change jobs on a ‘normal’ day so how do we keep our realistic goals but make them achievable when life is anything BUT ‘normal’?

If your resolution is to focus on your health (which it should be right now!) here’s how we at B5 can help you to be successful in 2021;

Include more exercise. Although this one seems a bit obvious it’s not always an easy one to stick to. It’s important when incorporating any/more exercise to make it part of your routine and not an add-on. When you make 30 minutes walking, running, or working out with your trainer PART of your day and don’t just squeeze it in somewhere you’re less likely to put it off or skip it altogether. Even just 30 minutes a day a few times a week can benefit you both mentally and physically. 

If the thought of stepping foot in a gym during a pandemic seems a bit nerve-wracking, rest assured that B5 adheres to a strict COVID policy to keep both our trainers and clients as safe as possible. You can read all about how we go above and beyond the CDC requirements here.  

Another common resolution many aim to achieve in the new year is eating healthier. After spending the holiday season stuffing ourselves with sweet treats it’s a welcoming sight to choose from a cleaner, more nourishing food selection. But where to start? Although eating healthier seems simple enough there is a bit of science behind it. Even now, as we try to keep our immune systems in tip top shape, just gobbling down a bunch of vegetables and fruits isn’t necessarily going to help you achieve that goal. Our trainers at B5 will work with you not only to create your customized workout routine but show you how to balance it all out with eating the right foods, too.

Lastly, and yes, we are bringing up exercise again since there’s a lot to be said about a solid workout regimen. Not only will including exercise help you to achieve your physical goals but movement on a regular basis will also reduce stress- holiday, pandemic, and work related. Less stress means you’ll sleep better, lower cortisol levels (that pesky hormone that in excess causes weight gain and other negative effects), improve your mood, and enhance memory and focus. All of which we can all benefit from going into the new year.

Making your health a priority is vital to getting through this pandemic. Although it may seem like a near impossible task we are here for you! Contact us today and let us help you to become your healthiest self in 2021.

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