Life In A Post COVID-Era And Why It Should Include Exercise

Almost one year into this pandemic has forced us to ask ourselves the ultimate question, what is essential to my health and happiness? The things that many of us rank high up on the list are time with family, exercise, exposure to nature, connection to community and purpose. This coronavirus is demanding we not only practice our best survival skills, but to learn from this experience.

The other question we should be asking ourselves is, although we were/are valuing these things in the pre and current COVID era, how will we prioritize them moving forward? More so now than ever we are seeking to find things to lift our spirits and give us hope for a COVID-free time. We find ourselves spending more time outdoors, making more time for conversations at home with our immediate families and extended via Zoom or FaceTime, incorporating some form of exercise into our day, being more present and in the moment than we maybe once were. All of these positive life practices, if continued after the pandemic fades, will only improve our overall health in the long run.

Take for example exercise. We may or may not have, prior to COVID, practiced some form of movement on a regular basis. Whether we did solely for the purpose of reaching a fitness goal or for general health either way exercise is known to positively impact our overall well-being. Since the pandemic, many of us are now incorporating some type of exercise into our daily life with a purpose of it both keeping our immune systems strong and for our happiness. So what would life be like post pandemic if we kept up this new found mission of movement?

Much, much better for everyone.

Not only would we all benefit emotionally from regular exercise but we would decrease obesity rates, improve our ability to fight many diseases, decrease heart problems, and create better cognitive function. There’s much to be said about spending 30 minutes a day walking, running, weight training, swimming, practicing yoga, etc. There is no denying that, if done safely now, exercise can create a healthier tomorrow.

As we near the end of this rollercoaster we call 2020, many have come to realize that we need exercise to be healthy and happy, and even more so during a pandemic.We all have a tremendous individual responsibility to help others who are more vulnerable during this time of crisis which is why those of us at B5 go above and beyond to maintain a safe space for all. We also know that our physical and mental health has/is taking quite a beating, which is all the more reason why we might consider how to not just survive the dangers of this coronavirus, but to embrace these challenges and improve ourselves now and for the future.

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