Finding Balance This Winter During The Pandemic

In an age when social distancing is the new norm we are slowly being drawn from the wide open outdoors to the confinements of inside. As we near the winter season and the days begin to fall shorter and the weather slightly less enjoyable we ask ourselves, “How are we going to get through the upcoming New England winter?”.

With the current upward spike in COVID cases around the country it’s no surprise that the fear of spending more time indoors is raising red flags. However, location is the number one rule in most situations. Nationally Massachusetts is doing better than the majority of the states in terms of new COVID cases. If we break that down further to our location in Needham, Norfolk County, we have the lowest amount of new cases. With our location and procedures exceeding the CDC protocol, B5 can provide you some sort of normalcy through the long winter season.

The concept that exercise is beneficial to your well-being is nothing new. It is not only a proven method in strengthening the immune system and in warding off disease but studies have shown that it can have immense benefits on the mind as well. Incorporating a regular exercise routine can provide you with a profound sense of balance amongst the current status of the world we live in. As many are often less active and/or come into more stress around the holiday and winter season it should be even more of a reason to begin/continue to make your way (safely) back into a gym.

At B5 we pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding safety measures to keep our facility clean. We realize, just as much as anyone, the impact exercise and nutrition have on our well-being, which is why we go above and beyond the requirements to be able to keep our doors open to our trainers and their clients now and through the impending winter season.

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Nothing is more important during these times than to keep ourselves healthy, happy, balanced, and functioning in a way that feels normal. Working with one of our experienced personal trainers can provide you with a structured routine, healthy habits, and relieve some of the holiday/winter stress. Each one of our trainers will work with you to customize a program to match your busy schedule and meet your goals.

We are all in this (winter season) together!

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