Why It Is Actually Safe To Go Back To The Gym

The IHRSA concluded that, after analyzing millions of members’ check in data across 2,873 gyms over the course of three months, fitness facilities are safe to go back to. The findings showed that only .0023% tested positive for COVID-19. Here at B5 we have had zero cases of COVID-19 to date. As stated in previous posts, we continue to meet and exceed CDC requirements with a HEPA air filter, hospital-grade sanitizing fogger, by opening the doors for fresh air circulation, a face mask requirement, providing throwaway gloves, and requiring all trainers to wipe down any surfaces your clothing comes in contact with. Our 3000 sq ft space makes it much easier to enforce these rules. With a max capacity of four trainers and their clients per hour everyone is held accountable. If you’ve been training with someone at a large box gym but don’t feel safe going back, try us out! All trainers are welcome.

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