exercise for well-being

We all know that exercise is essential for our well-being. People who take part in a regular exercise routine often report how good it makes them feel. However, it doesn’t eliminate that problems do still exist. Only 23% of adults in the U.S. meet the recommended exercise requirements. In addition, adult obesity reached above 40% for the first time in 2017-2018.

Things such as fear, anxiety, stress, financial concerns, sadness, and boredom can all have a negative effect on ones physical and emotional health. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, prevent weight gain, strengthen the immune system, boost mood and improve sleep.

So how do you make the most out of exercise for your physical and mental health?

Contact your trainer (at B5, of course!)

There’s no denying that the best way to reach your goals is with a personal trainer. Their task is to keep you accountable,  motivated, and injury free.

Safety and health take priority at B5 which is why we follow strict guidelines to ensure we can be an asset to helping you maintain a fitness routine. 

Challenge yourself

Set an exercise goal (either on your own or with your trainer) by doing some sort of activity five days per week and create a plan to achieve it. When you reach your goal you’ll feel pretty unstoppable.

Get outdoors

Walking, cycling, jogging, and hiking can help you get some much-needed fresh air (which also packs plenty of health benefits).

Exercise with family/friends

Exercise is an excellent opportunity for family fun. Walking, bikng, dancing, living-room yoga sessions, or backyard soccer games are just a few examples of how you can exercise together and spend some quality time.

Tackle calorie-burning chores

Chores such as mowing the lawn, washing the car, or cleaning out the garage are excellent opportunities to build muscles and burn calories. In addition to the workout, completing a household task will yield even more feel-good benefits.

To sum up, movement can offer a bountiful of benefits to both your physical and mental health. To make exercise and well-being go hand in hand find a routine that works for you. Whether it’s a workout with your trainer or walking the dog each minute of physical activity adds up to bettering your overall health.